Clinohumite by any other name…

It's doesn't quite sizzle, does it? "Fire Spinel" is far more electrifying, and that's how it's named in Bangkok gemstone shops. But Clinohumite, by any other name, is still Clinohumite.

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The Spinel Murder Mystery of 2015

Mystery \ mist(ə)rē \ : inexplicable or secretive quality or character. A plot. An (international) intrigue, along with the solution to an enigma whose clues seem to lead to obvious…


Phenomenal, prismatic, iridescent Ammolite

Today we turn our attention to the optical phenomenon of iridescence, that is the display of dispersive prismatic colors caused by the interference of light - generally due to thin films of gas or liquid - like Iridescent Quartz, Iridescent Agate and Ammolite.


Noblesse Oblige

No matter if I am Black, Crystal, White, Fire, Water or in a Matrix, depending on the basic color and in a decreasing progression of red, violet, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo... The title of Noble Opal is the one that I deserved and I still deserve.

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Trapiche gemstones and Carmel Sapphire

Have you ever heard of “trapiche” gemstones? Those elegant six- pointed stars, so unique, so rare, so peculiar, such as emerald-beryl, ruby-corundum and sapphire-corundum, garnet, tourmaline and chiastolite? What about Carmel Sapphire, never found before on the whole terraqueous globe

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Monday mabe’ musings: Pearls of wisdom

Not everyone understands the importance of a transparent, accurate report of the gemological materials included in jewelry. And yet, such reporting not only advances your competitive position. It also serves to protect against legal disputes and demonstrates corporate social responsibility.

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The big pink disappointment

They had been smacking their lips at the Argyle diamond mine. They were hungry to receive the $10 million that beautiful, rare rough pink diamond would bring them. Alas, evil fate!

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Extraordinary and unusual stones

Humans need variety right now. We're always hungry for something new, sick of eating the same old thing. So let's change things up. Set out your tableware, put on the candles and prepare for a nouvelle experience in three courses. Bon appétit!

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Gambling with colored stones?

This fascinating game gets played where the resources are rich, but the people are poor. It is like being on the stock market floor, I suppose. A point upward or downward can quickly bring delight - or defeat.

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A little gossip about pearls

Whether we like it or not, human beings just can't resist a little gossip. So why not make the best of it? As a professional, mixing just the right amount into a sales presentation can add flavor.