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Watch ‘Your Diamond Story’ video from IGI

A diamond's journey through our laboratory is one of sophisticated assessment and analysis. From intake through inscription, every step is performed with careful attention to detail and thorough, transparent reporting. See how Your Diamond Story may be told to the world with confidence, in this descriptive video.


See Metal I.D. Performed on an Antique Etruscan Necklace

Recently the IGI Lab in Shanghai received an antique Etruscan revival style necklace from the mid to late 19th century. When the necklace was submitted, IGI gemologists immediately understood the reason it was sent for identification: It seemed to weigh less than it should and, therefore, was suspected to be made of gilt copper, rather than gold.

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Photo Credit: Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

The Spinel Murder Mystery of 2015

Mystery \ mist(ə)rē \ : inexplicable or secretive quality or character. A plot. An (international) intrigue, along with the solution to an enigma whose clues seem to lead to obvious…


IGI India starts 2021 with a Cut Grade workshop

Earlier this month IGI conducted a two-day workshop on Cut Grading for more than 50 diamond experts in Surat, India. The courses, instructed on January 5th and 6th, were attended…

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Photo credit: Crystal Kwok on Unsplash

Scientific first – Diamonds created without heat

Our planet's supply of diamonds were produced by four different processes. One took over a million years to achieve results. The next have been working in laboratories and factories, with increasing success, since the 1950s. But until this month man had never replicated that final process.


Register for our Dec 2 Lab-Grown Diamond Webinar

Jewelers of America and IGI are pleased to present an educational webinar at 2:00 PM Eastern Time Wednesday December 2. Learn physical differences, distinctive characteristics and quality-factors attributable to growth methods and timelines.


See IGI’s new Digital Report Platform

Shopping by computer and smartphone is on the rise, with no sign of stopping. In the interest of serving consumers and retailers alike, IGI recently introduced a new digital platform for loose or mounted diamonds, gemstones and jewelry items.


Watch a video rainbow of lab-grown diamonds

Last week we posted an array of photos of lab-grown diamonds in rainbow colors. We're circling back today with a video-compilation of that same collection, all produced by the team at Diamond DNA.

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Photo credit: IGI Worldwide

Meylor produces record-setting 100+carat black lab-grown diamonds

Earlier this month IGI received two large HPHT-produced lab-grown diamonds for analysis and grading. One of those stones has become the Guinness World Record Holder for the largest black lab-grown diamond in history.


See IGI’s dynamic new Grading Report format

We are pleased to announce a new, elevated design for our identification and grading reports. This design update comes 45 years after our first Diamond report was issued in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1975.

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Photo credit: IGI Worldwide

See this 10-carat LGD’s color transformed from yellow to pink!

This 10+ carat HPHT produced lab-grown diamond was initially graded Fancy Intense Yellow by IGI. When it returned to the lab its color had been changed to Fancy Vivid Pink. IGI confirmed that the color had been shifted from yellow to pink through irradiation using a 5MeV Electron Beam Transfer system.

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How the gemstone ‘Color Universe’ works

Gemstones and fancy-colored-diamonds appear in all the colors of the rainbow, at different shades, with different intensities. Since the human eye can distinguish around 13 million shades and nuances of color, gemologists have developed a consistent method of mapping a gemstone's proper position in the broad 'Color Universe.'

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Image credit: ALROSA

Rough diamond sales go digital

Rough sellers are partnering with technology providers to facilitate digital-scans, videos and potential polishing plans for rough diamonds to their customers. Originally intended to facilitate pre-selection of choices ahead of traditional tenders, remote-purchasing has now become an option.

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Photo credit: Tian Cheng Auction

The Lost and Found Arrows of Cupid

An exciting discovery was made by Gemologists examining a beautiful red ruby under the microscope. The arrows and needles they found don't just give hints as to the country of origin, they can also indicate when the gemstone has undergone treatment.


Cut Quality Cliffs Notes

Last weekend I was asked to provide guidance for a quarantined self-gifter buying a diamond online. In order to make this online purchase she wanted a no-fail combination of weight, color, clarity and (drum roll, please) cut-quality.