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Design Contest entry EXTENDED to August 31!

IGI has called upon the world’s creatives to step forward, with resounding success. With notice of abundant entries pending, the deadline for submission has been reset to the end of August due to popular demand.


IGI welcomes GIA and AGS to lab-grown diamond grading

Earlier this month GIA and AGS announced policy changes regarding lab-grown diamonds. IGI is proud to see other organizations adopt our long-held philosophy regarding the dual-channel legitimacy of natural and lab-grown diamonds, and believe professionals and consumers alike will benefit from the increased transparency in our industry.


Last call for international DESIGN CONTEST entries

Participation is free: IGI has called upon the world’s creatives to step forward and contribute. The 2020 IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest invites jewelers, artists, teachers, students and fans alike to submit design-concepts in four categories.

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IGI India honors Independence Day with a video tribute

Independence Day is celebrated on August 15 annually, as a national holiday in India. Traditionally observed with flag-raising ceremonies, parades and cultural events, IGI's family of employees across India honored Independence Day 2020 by standing together in this powerful video tribute.

Image credit: National Jeweler

IGI Jewelry Design Contest in National Jeweler

"IGI Is Holding a Jewelry Design Contest And It’s Free to Enter," declares the headline of National Jeweler's coverage of IGI's "Collision and Fusion" Jewelry Design Contest. Fashion Editor Ashley Davis provides a concise overview in her article and, importantly, reiterates the event's fundamental premise.

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IGI invites the world to ‘Collision and Fusion’ Jewelry Design contest

A chance to win awards, cash-prizes, education, recognition and exposure: The 2020 IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest invites jewelers, artists, teachers, students and fans alike to submit design-concepts in four categories by August 20. Participation is free of charge and open to anyone, whether professional or not.

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Nasa, SpaceX and mining diamonds

As the world watches the engaging achievements of NASA and SpaceX - and Boeing sits in the wings hungry to make their own space-shots - let's take a fanciful look at the landscape ahead for diamond and jewelry enthusiasts.

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Pearls and men and recent trends

Much of the 20th century passed by without much attention to men in pearls. Fortunately we have seen a notable uptick in red-carpet sightings of men sporting pearl bracelets, tie-clips, earrings and - with increasing frequency - pearl neckwear.


Vintage BIG FOUR. Which is your favorite?

May the FOUR be with you! Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies and Diamonds. I'm going to share some favorite vintage red carpet appearances with you here on May 4. Of course, there are thousands of moments we could celebrate. These four queens of cinema are those who first come to mind when I think about our most precious green, red, blue and white sparklers.

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Diamond music to ROCK you. Which is your favorite?

Join me, music lovers! Click the playlist below. Put your earbuds on. Connect your Bluetooth speaker. Stream it all through your supernova-sized speakers and share this earth-shattering collection of diamond studded songs around the block. Let's share this musical journey together, and tell me your favorites.

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