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What are ‘Hearts & Arrows’ diamonds?

Hearts & Arrows (H&A) diamonds are precisely cut to show kaleidoscopic patterns when seen in a special reflective viewer. Typically associated with Excellent-Ideal cuts of superior quality, fashioning the highest levels of H&A optical precision when working with the world's hardest substance is an exacting process.

Photo credit: Graff / Diamond-Works.com

10 Graff diamond jewelry pieces compiled in video

A well-organized compilation of 10 beautiful Graff creations, splendidly set to music. Settle in for 13 minutes and 13 seconds of glorious, uplifting creations from the masters at Graff.

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Photo credit: IGI Worldwide

See this 10-carat LGD’s color transformed from yellow to pink!

This 10+ carat HPHT produced lab-grown diamond was initially graded Fancy Intense Yellow by IGI. When it returned to the lab its color had been changed to Fancy Vivid Pink. IGI confirmed that the color had been shifted from yellow to pink through irradiation using a 5MeV Electron Beam Transfer system.

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IGI Hong Kong opens new headquarters

IGI Hong Kong is pleased to announce the opening of new headquarters in the historic Hung Hom district, the home of numerous jewelry producers, international jewelry trade shows and expos and the Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturer's Association.

Image credit: Tiffany.com

Tiffany ‘Full Craftsmanship Journey’ traces diamonds from mine to market

Tiffany & Co. has announced a program detailing the provenance of the diamonds they sell, beginning with country and mine of origin. The New-York based jeweler plans to share this "Full Craftsmanship Journey" for every newly-sourced diamond of 0.18 carats or more.

Photo credit: Coronet

See video of this 15,858-diamond world record watch!

Last year, Hong Kong based Coronet, a division of Aaron Shum Jewelry, set the Guinness World Record for most diamonds set on a watch at Baselworld, with "Mudan," adorned with an astonishing 15,858 diamonds weighing 50.01 carats.

Photo credit: ALROSA

236 carat fancy-colored diamond breaks records

The Ebelyakh mine in Yakutia has yielded a number of remarkable colored diamonds in the past several years, including this newcomer. A 236 carat yellow-brown crystal which is the largest colored rough diamond ever extracted in Russia.

Photo credit: RESOLVE.ngo

RESOLVE and DDI merge to advance Responsible Sourcing

RESOLVE, an early pioneer in the area of environmental conflict resolution, and the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI), responsible for facilitating more efficient, formal and environmentally responsible approaches in the African diamond mining sector, will integrate their programs to strengthen their efforts going forward.


Noblesse Oblige

No matter if I am Black, Crystal, White, Fire, Water or in a Matrix, depending on the basic color and in a decreasing progression of red, violet, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo... The title of Noble Opal is the one that I deserved and I still deserve.

Image credit: Pivnitabunicii.com

Diamond miners & producers going carbon neutral

Several years ago industry giant DeBeers went on-record with plans to go carbon-neutral at some of its mines by 2022. Now nine of DeBeers' sightholder-producers are pledging to work toward the same goal of carbon-neutrality.

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