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Everybody loves the BLUES

Maynard Ferguson had a different blues in mind when composing his jazz masterpiece for the 1993 album "It's My Time," but blue diamonds have a special appeal and character all their own. Like the call and response motifs which characterize blues jazz, blue diamonds seem to call out to each other in their individual but harmonious combinations of hue, tone and saturation.

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IGI gives advice in World Bride Magazine

Stacey Marcus recently offered a number of Trends and Tips on the Modern Way to find your Dream Diamond for World Bride Magazine. One of the experts approached for advice was Scott Friedman, Master Gemologist Appraiser with IGI North America.

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A Heart-to-Heart about these auction items

The July Sotheby’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels auction did not disappoint, in items offered or bids commanded. I thought I would share a few of my favorite jewelry items sold - and sprinkle in another genre or two, just for fun.

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Chicken cleaning and heat treatment. What?

Treatments have been used to enhance the appearance of gemstones since ancient times.  The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used dyes, coatings, oils and other methods to improve the color, durability and luster of their gemstones and pearls. But the most fascinating and fanciful tool used for enhancements may very well be the humble chicken.


How the gemstone ‘Color Universe’ works

Gemstones and fancy-colored-diamonds appear in all the colors of the rainbow, at different shades, with different intensities. Since the human eye can distinguish around 13 million shades and nuances of color, gemologists have developed a consistent method of mapping a gemstone's proper position in the broad 'Color Universe.'

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Trapiche gemstones and Carmel Sapphire

Have you ever heard of “trapiche” gemstones? Those elegant six- pointed stars, so unique, so rare, so peculiar, such as emerald-beryl, ruby-corundum and sapphire-corundum, garnet, tourmaline and chiastolite? What about Carmel Sapphire, never found before on the whole terraqueous globe

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Beautiful, creative 2020 proposal stories

The stories of beautiful, creative 2020 wedding proposals are ongoing. This is something to celebrate. Something to share and spread. Every time I hear of a new adaptive, creative spirited marriage proposals during these past months are uplifting. I thought it would be nice to "share and spread" some of that joy here.


Three cheers for America’s red, white and blue gemstones

Right now there are delicious hot-dog, hamburger, steak and brisket barbecues occurring across the USA. There are potato salads, crisps and coleslaw. There's corn on the cob and baked beans. I am inspired to mark America's birthday with the sparkle of three American gemstones, all local to the USA, in her three patriotic colors.

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What’s 150,000 times more rare than diamond?

An extremely rare variety of beryl which gets its red color from trace amounts of manganese, the Utah Geological Survey estimated that one crystal of red beryl is found for every 150,000 gem-quality diamonds. In 2006 the Jewelers Association designated red beryl as the world's rarest colored gemstone.

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3 famous gemstone curses. Fate or fantasy?

Whether it's imagination, disagreement or politics over rare and expensive objects, or planets aligning poorly - there are a number of gemstones rumored to curse those who own them. Of course, in at least one famous case below, the rumors may have been exaggerated to appeal to a buyer. But whatever the case there's entertainment value in what I'm bringing below.

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