Photo credit: Petra Diamonds

Petra finds 5 rare blue diamonds totaling 85+ carats!

Can we call them the Blues Brothers? Individually weighing 25.75 carats, 21.25 carats, 17.57 carats, 11.42 carats and 9.61 carats, Petra Diamonds reports that these spectacular siblings were assessed to be individual stones, not originally part of a larger diamond.

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IGI diamond grading among the world’s strictest

Another independent analysis has concluded that IGI's loose diamond grading ranks among the world's strictest. In an independent comparison of dual-certified diamonds IGI's color grading was stricter than that of GIA in a majority of cases, with clarity the same or stricter in most cases, as well.

Photo credit: ALROSA

ALROSA auctions confirm demand for high-quality diamonds

ALROSA reported more than $20 million in revenue generated by special-size rough diamond auctions in Belgium and Israel this month. The diamonds were sold to clients from Belgium, India, Israel and United Arab Emirates.

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Americans are buying diamonds instead of vacations

USA jewelry sales are climbing. Signet Jewelers, the parent of Kay and Jared, saw sales rise at the end of the last quarter and continue to climb in August. Tiffany & company reported the same trend. And diamond jewelry was one of the top product categories at both Macy's and Bloomingdale's during the quarter ending August 1.

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Photo credit: Sotheby's

This 102.39 carat D Flawless diamond will make history

An exceptionally rare, clear diamond "the size of a lollipop" is being offered without reserve at auction by Sotheby's. According to the auction house, an item of this historic importance and value has never been offered with no-reserve before.

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Lesotho’s Letseng mine keeps amazing us in 2020

The last two 100+ carat diamonds, unearthed over a span of 48 hours, are the 10th and 11th gem-quality stones weighing more than 100 carats found at Letšeng this year. At an elevation of more than 10,000 feet, the world's highest diamond mine also boasts the world's highest value-per-carat.

Photo credit: Rio Tinto

‘One Lifetime, One Encounter’ auction honors Argyle mine closure

The Argyle Diamond Mine in the remote east Kimberley region of Western Australia is scheduled to close by the end of 2020 following nearly forty years of production. "One Lifetime, One Encounter" is an auction event, offering a collection of the rarest diamonds extracted there over a year's production.


What are ‘Hearts & Arrows’ diamonds?

Hearts & Arrows (H&A) diamonds are precisely cut to show kaleidoscopic patterns when seen in a special reflective viewer. Typically associated with Excellent-Ideal cuts of superior quality, fashioning the highest levels of H&A optical precision when working with the world's hardest substance is an exacting process.

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10 Graff diamond jewelry pieces compiled in video

A well-organized compilation of 10 beautiful Graff creations, splendidly set to music. Settle in for 13 minutes and 13 seconds of glorious, uplifting creations from the masters at Graff.

Photo credit: IGI Worldwide

See this 10-carat LGD’s color transformed from yellow to pink!

This 10+ carat HPHT produced lab-grown diamond was initially graded Fancy Intense Yellow by IGI. When it returned to the lab its color had been changed to Fancy Vivid Pink. IGI confirmed that the color had been shifted from yellow to pink through irradiation using a 5MeV Electron Beam Transfer system.

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