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RESOLVE and DDI merge to advance Responsible Sourcing

RESOLVE, an early pioneer in the area of environmental conflict resolution, and the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI), responsible for facilitating more efficient, formal and environmentally responsible approaches in the African diamond mining sector, will integrate their programs to strengthen their efforts going forward.


Noblesse Oblige

No matter if I am Black, Crystal, White, Fire, Water or in a Matrix, depending on the basic color and in a decreasing progression of red, violet, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo... The title of Noble Opal is the one that I deserved and I still deserve.

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Diamond miners & producers going carbon neutral

Several years ago industry giant DeBeers went on-record with plans to go carbon-neutral at some of its mines by 2022. Now nine of DeBeers' sightholder-producers are pledging to work toward the same goal of carbon-neutrality.

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IGI invites the world to ‘Collision and Fusion’ Jewelry Design contest

A chance to win awards, cash-prizes, education, recognition and exposure: The 2020 IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest invites jewelers, artists, teachers, students and fans alike to submit design-concepts in four categories by August 20. Participation is free of charge and open to anyone, whether professional or not.

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Everybody loves the BLUES

Maynard Ferguson had a different blues in mind when composing his jazz masterpiece for the 1993 album "It's My Time," but blue diamonds have a special appeal and character all their own. Like the call and response motifs which characterize blues jazz, blue diamonds seem to call out to each other in their individual but harmonious combinations of hue, tone and saturation.

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IGI gives advice in World Bride Magazine

Stacey Marcus recently offered a number of Trends and Tips on the Modern Way to find your Dream Diamond for World Bride Magazine. One of the experts approached for advice was Scott Friedman, Master Gemologist Appraiser with IGI North America.

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A Heart-to-Heart about these auction items

The July Sotheby’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels auction did not disappoint, in items offered or bids commanded. I thought I would share a few of my favorite jewelry items sold - and sprinkle in another genre or two, just for fun.

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Chicken cleaning and heat treatment. What?

Treatments have been used to enhance the appearance of gemstones since ancient times.  The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used dyes, coatings, oils and other methods to improve the color, durability and luster of their gemstones and pearls. But the most fascinating and fanciful tool used for enhancements may very well be the humble chicken.


IGI President Avi Levy featured on Smiling Rocks podcast

Discussing the world situation, the need to evolve and the importance of education, transparency and authority, Avi Levy, President of IGI North America provided diamond industry insight to Smiling Rocks CEO and Co-founder Zulu Ghevriya on their company podcast.


How the gemstone ‘Color Universe’ works

Gemstones and fancy-colored-diamonds appear in all the colors of the rainbow, at different shades, with different intensities. Since the human eye can distinguish around 13 million shades and nuances of color, gemologists have developed a consistent method of mapping a gemstone's proper position in the broad 'Color Universe.'

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