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Rough diamond sales go digital

Rough sellers are partnering with technology providers to facilitate digital-scans, videos and potential polishing plans for rough diamonds to their customers. Originally intended to facilitate pre-selection of choices ahead of traditional tenders, remote-purchasing has now become an option.

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Monday mabe’ musings: Pearls of wisdom

Not everyone understands the importance of a transparent, accurate report of the gemological materials included in jewelry. And yet, such reporting not only advances your competitive position. It also serves to protect against legal disputes and demonstrates corporate social responsibility.

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Diamond teleportation? Beam me up, Scotty!

Did you know whatever device you're using to read this post - mobile, tablet or desktop - wouldn't exist without lab-grown diamonds? Did you know diamonds are being used for medical imaging, quantum entanglement and (you read it right) teleportation? Read on.

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Learn about Eira Thomas, Queen of Diamonds

Courtesy of The New Yorker earlier this year, "The Woman Shaking Up The Diamond Industry" is a thoroughly composed, thoughtful and uplifting story of history, intrigue, discovery and achievement - definitely worth an hour of your time.

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The Esperanza Diamond is still for sale

Did you ever wonder what happened to the incredible Esperanza Diamond? After a charmed journey, but a failed auction, this national treasure is still for sale. Let’s re-visit her unique story and see where things stand today.

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See video of a 7777-diamond world record ring!

The Guinness World Record for most diamonds set in one ring belongs to the IGI-graded Lotus Temple ring created by Mumbai's Lakshikaa Jewels. Enjoy this wonderful video documenting the careful grading of each of its seven components.

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Nasa, SpaceX and mining diamonds

As the world watches the engaging achievements of NASA and SpaceX - and Boeing sits in the wings hungry to make their own space-shots - let's take a fanciful look at the landscape ahead for diamond and jewelry enthusiasts.

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Bling-binge? Here are 10 great jewelry movies!

What's on your watch-list? Bookmark this post and get some popcorn ready. There are nearly 24 sparkling hours of well-known jewelry themed movies listed below. These 10 cinematic classics span more than 80 years. I'm not going to play favorites (even though I have one), so here they are in alphabetical order.

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A loose diamond within a diamond

Nature never stops providing the extraordinary, unexpected and unique. This adamantine oddity was unearthed at an open-pit mine 200 miles north of Nyurba, Russia last October. Specialists immediately passed it to ALROSA's Research and Development Geological Enterprise.

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America’s patriotic jewelry

On this USA holiday, when we honor and remember those who serve our country, I thought it would be appropriate to visit symbolic tokens along the same lines. Patriotic jewelry has traditionally connected sweethearts, wives, mothers and families at home to loved ones fighting overseas.

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