IGI Shanghai opens new headquarters
IGI Shanghai ribbon-cutting ceremony, January 9, 2020

IGI Shanghai opens new headquarters

On January 9, 2020, IGI Shanghai opened new offices in the prestigious Bund Finance Center. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by industry and business leaders, along with principals and personnel…

The ‘Secret’ of black diamonds
Photo credit: People.com

The ‘Secret’ of black diamonds

History’s most famous black-diamonds may be those included in the Fantasy Bra worn by Adriana Lima at the 2008 Victoria’s Secret fashion show.. That's perfectly fitting, since black-diamonds have a “Secret” of their own, as we will reveal below...


2020 vision

From the beginning the International Gemological Institute has had total commitment to understanding consumer concerns. So it’s appropriate, at the beginning 2020, that we are launching another means of reaching,…

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