Watch ‘Your Diamond Story’ video from IGI

A diamond's journey through our laboratory is one of sophisticated assessment and analysis. From intake through inscription, every step is performed with careful attention to detail and thorough, transparent reporting. See how Your Diamond Story may be told to the world with confidence, in this descriptive video.

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IGI becomes first Gem Lab to commit to Carbon Neutrality

IGI New York has become the first gemological institute to commit to carbon neutrality, joining the Responsible Jewelry Council, International Precious Metals Institute and Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance in this association with sustainability specialists, SCS Global Services.


See Metal I.D. Performed on an Antique Etruscan Necklace

Recently the IGI Lab in Shanghai received an antique Etruscan revival style necklace from the mid to late 19th century. When the necklace was submitted, IGI gemologists immediately understood the reason it was sent for identification: It seemed to weigh less than it should and, therefore, was suspected to be made of gilt copper, rather than gold.


Happy International Women’s Day from IGI

International Women's Day occurs annually on March 8. Celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women everywhere, it's a day to recognize women's achievements, raise awareness about equality,…

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Here’s why pandemic-engagements are soaring

A wedding survey reports that 82% of couples say living through the pandemic has made them want to marry their significant other more. For many, it seems “for better or for worse” and “in sickness and in health” have taken on a whole new meaning.


See IGI’s new Digital Report Platform

Shopping by computer and smartphone is on the rise, with no sign of stopping. In the interest of serving consumers and retailers alike, IGI recently introduced a new digital platform for loose or mounted diamonds, gemstones and jewelry items.


IGI publishes ‘New Normal’ advice via JCK online

IGI has provided insight and advice to diamond, gem and jewelry industry professionals in tandem with JCK Online's sponsored-content initiative: "Solving New Trends in the New Normal" addresses explosive growth in two disruptive industry areas.


See IGI’s dynamic new Grading Report format

We are pleased to announce a new, elevated design for our identification and grading reports. This design update comes 45 years after our first Diamond report was issued in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1975.

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What are ‘Hearts & Arrows’ diamonds?

Hearts & Arrows (H&A) diamonds are precisely cut to show kaleidoscopic patterns when seen in a special reflective viewer. Typically associated with Excellent-Ideal cuts of superior quality, fashioning the highest levels of H&A optical precision when working with the world's hardest substance is an exacting process.

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IGI Hong Kong opens new headquarters

IGI Hong Kong is pleased to announce the opening of new headquarters in the historic Hung Hom district, the home of numerous jewelry producers, international jewelry trade shows and expos and the Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturer's Association.

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Tiffany ‘Full Craftsmanship Journey’ traces diamonds from mine to market

Tiffany & Co. has announced a program detailing the provenance of the diamonds they sell, beginning with country and mine of origin. The New-York based jeweler plans to share this "Full Craftsmanship Journey" for every newly-sourced diamond of 0.18 carats or more.


IGI welcomes GIA and AGS to lab-grown diamond grading

Earlier this month GIA and AGS announced policy changes regarding lab-grown diamonds. IGI is proud to see other organizations adopt our long-held philosophy regarding the dual-channel legitimacy of natural and lab-grown diamonds, and believe professionals and consumers alike will benefit from the increased transparency in our industry.

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eBay India announces its association with IGI

Emphasizing their commitment toward buyers and sellers alike, eBay India has announced the Gems and Jewelry Certificate program (GJC) in cooperation with IGI. Under this program, Indian eBay sellers can have their products independently graded by IGI at competitive prices, empowering confidence for consumer-buyers.

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IGI gives advice in World Bride Magazine

Stacey Marcus recently offered a number of Trends and Tips on the Modern Way to find your Dream Diamond for World Bride Magazine. One of the experts approached for advice was Scott Friedman, Master Gemologist Appraiser with IGI North America.


IGI President Avi Levy featured on Smiling Rocks podcast

Discussing the world situation, the need to evolve and the importance of education, transparency and authority, Avi Levy, President of IGI North America provided diamond industry insight to Smiling Rocks CEO and Co-founder Zulu Ghevriya on their company podcast.