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The French Blue, a story of travel, treasure and diamonds

Just imagine - a humble mapmaker’s son travels the ancient world, discovers fantastic treasures, rescues a damsel and rises to the highest levels of French aristocracy. If you don't know the story, “The French Blue" is a terrific read for true-lovers of diamonds, gemstones, travel, excitement and romance. 

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A foto-feast of four delicious diamonds

Four of the most magnificent diamonds in recent years have come from the same Lucara-owned Karowe Diamond Mine in Botswana in recent years. I thought to assemble a visual feast of delicious rough and how they polished. My sparkling smorgasbord even includes both light and dark meat.

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Rough diamond sales go digital

Rough sellers are partnering with technology providers to facilitate digital-scans, videos and potential polishing plans for rough diamonds to their customers. Originally intended to facilitate pre-selection of choices ahead of traditional tenders, remote-purchasing has now become an option.

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Learn about Eira Thomas, Queen of Diamonds

Courtesy of The New Yorker earlier this year, "The Woman Shaking Up The Diamond Industry" is a thoroughly composed, thoughtful and uplifting story of history, intrigue, discovery and achievement - definitely worth an hour of your time.

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The Esperanza Diamond is still for sale

Did you ever wonder what happened to the incredible Esperanza Diamond? After a charmed journey, but a failed auction, this national treasure is still for sale. Let’s re-visit her unique story and see where things stand today.

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A loose diamond within a diamond

Nature never stops providing the extraordinary, unexpected and unique. This adamantine oddity was unearthed at an open-pit mine 200 miles north of Nyurba, Russia last October. Specialists immediately passed it to ALROSA's Research and Development Geological Enterprise.

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The big pink disappointment

They had been smacking their lips at the Argyle diamond mine. They were hungry to receive the $10 million that beautiful, rare rough pink diamond would bring them. Alas, evil fate!

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A barrel of beryl

You know it as emerald, the birthstone of May. Today's post celebrates all Maybies and Mayple (May babies and May people) with a focus on "your stone." The largest high-quality rough emerald ever found, and the poetic story behind its provenance and sale.

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X-Ray diamond sorting ‘behind the scenes’

Have you heard of X-Ray diamond sorting? If not, be my guest and travel behind the scenes to an alluvial diamond-mining operation overseen by our friends at Alrosa. They have provided an amazing video example of this efficient method of separating the wheat from the chaff, as it were.

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Extraordinary and unusual stones

Humans need variety right now. We're always hungry for something new, sick of eating the same old thing. So let's change things up. Set out your tableware, put on the candles and prepare for a nouvelle experience in three courses. Bon appétit!

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