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Natural diamond? Lab-grown diamond? How to choose?

“A diamond is forever,” but the makers of that slogan considered it a two-way street, connecting a diamond’s billion-year past with an infinite-future. They never imagined someone proposing with a “forever” diamond that’s younger than the bride.

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Gambling with colored stones?

This fascinating game gets played where the resources are rich, but the people are poor. It is like being on the stock market floor, I suppose. A point upward or downward can quickly bring delight - or defeat.

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1,000,000,000,000,000 tons of diamonds!

How much is a quadrillion? Here's how 1 quadrillion pennies would appear, stacked behind the Sears Tower, Empire State Building, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and a football field... Now replace each penny with a ton of diamonds!

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Livia Firth and ‘The Diamonds of Botswana’

Livia Firth and Andrew Morgan recently teamed up again to produce a 14-minute documentary, investigating the positive-seeming impact the diamond industry has on this mid-sized African country.

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Meteorites and diamonds from space!

Thousands of years ago in southwest Africa a party of Nama People discovered a field of odd iron fragments to use in tools and weapons. Imagine their shock if they were told those fragments had come from the very stars they worshipped.


Largest diamond EVER. Who has it? Who wins?

The three largest diamonds ever found on planet Earth are under the control of three notable icons. So, where did they come from? How much did they cost? Where are they now? Take a look at three of the most unique and spectacular diamond crystals ever unearthed.

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Cleaning diamonds from the ocean

For countless ages a steady stream of rough diamonds tumbled down the Orange and Vaal Rivers to the sea, washed there from inland volcanic pipes. Distributed far and wide along the coast by tidal activity, millions of carats now lie hidden beneath the territorial waters of Namibia.

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