See IGI’s dynamic new Grading Report format

We are pleased to announce a new, elevated design for our identification and grading reports. This design update comes 45 years after our first Diamond report was issued in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1975.


Design Contest entry EXTENDED to August 31!

IGI has called upon the world’s creatives to step forward, with resounding success. With notice of abundant entries pending, the deadline for submission has been reset to the end of August due to popular demand.


Last call for international DESIGN CONTEST entries

Participation is free: IGI has called upon the world’s creatives to step forward and contribute. The 2020 IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest invites jewelers, artists, teachers, students and fans alike to submit design-concepts in four categories.

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IGI Jewelry Design Contest in National Jeweler

"IGI Is Holding a Jewelry Design Contest And It’s Free to Enter," declares the headline of National Jeweler's coverage of IGI's "Collision and Fusion" Jewelry Design Contest. Fashion Editor Ashley Davis provides a concise overview in her article and, importantly, reiterates the event's fundamental premise.

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eBay India announces its association with IGI

Emphasizing their commitment toward buyers and sellers alike, eBay India has announced the Gems and Jewelry Certificate program (GJC) in cooperation with IGI. Under this program, Indian eBay sellers can have their products independently graded by IGI at competitive prices, empowering confidence for consumer-buyers.

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IGI invites the world to ‘Collision and Fusion’ Jewelry Design contest

A chance to win awards, cash-prizes, education, recognition and exposure: The 2020 IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest invites jewelers, artists, teachers, students and fans alike to submit design-concepts in four categories by August 20. Participation is free of charge and open to anyone, whether professional or not.

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Chicken cleaning and heat treatment. What?

Treatments have been used to enhance the appearance of gemstones since ancient times.  The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used dyes, coatings, oils and other methods to improve the color, durability and luster of their gemstones and pearls. But the most fascinating and fanciful tool used for enhancements may very well be the humble chicken.

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Monday mabe’ musings: Pearls of wisdom

Not everyone understands the importance of a transparent, accurate report of the gemological materials included in jewelry. And yet, such reporting not only advances your competitive position. It also serves to protect against legal disputes and demonstrates corporate social responsibility.

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Pearls and men and recent trends

Much of the 20th century passed by without much attention to men in pearls. Fortunately we have seen a notable uptick in red-carpet sightings of men sporting pearl bracelets, tie-clips, earrings and - with increasing frequency - pearl neckwear.

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Frequent hand washing and jewelry care

In today's climate my attention to my hands, what I touch and how often I clean them has reached new heights. And of course, each time I clean my hands, I'm aware of the rings I am wearing. Fortunately, there’s good news ahead for jewelry wearers as it relates to sanitizing frequently.

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